Friday, March 25, 2011

Along came Molly

Along came a little book by Molly Wizenberg that competely revolutionized the way I see my blog. My blog spot was birthed late on a winter’s night around a kitchen fire when my brother, a fellow blogger, convinced me how inspiring and rewarding writing about my food adventures could be. So, by the end of the evening, me and my mum, were bloggers, each about our respective passions.

I started simply by posting my weekly newspaper food column that I had a deadline for anyway – my way of working smart, a sign of a true chef. But recently have been re-inspired to change my design, my focus, my whole motivation. I have a tingling feeling in my fingers, an excitement that feels more like nervousness, but I know this will be the start of an exciting chapter in my journey towards becoming a food writer.

Molly has burst into my life at precisely the moment when I was in need of a friend and serious inspiration. Her book “A Homemade Life” has left me weeping with laughter, itching to try her recipes and feeling moved by her heart-warming personal stories and her love of food. I truly feel like she’s unleashed the little writer in me - thanks Molly!

This blog is newly dedicated to the cause – documenting my food adventures, because how my brother puts it…it’s not everyone who makes ice cream from scratch, grows their own vegetables and has a never ending desire to try new recipes.

Welcome to my blog.


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